Why use an application server

  1. Application servers should be used when integration with existing databases and servers such as web servers is required. It provides data and code integrity through a centralized approach that supports application updates and upgrades.
  2. Scalability is another reason and benefit of using an application server. The application server can connect to the database connection pool. This means that organizations can extend the Web “server farm” without increasing the number of database connections.

3.Another benefit is safety. Performing data validation or displaying business logic using a separate data access layer ensures that text entered as a Web form is not invoked by SQL. Security has also been improved through centralized authentication processes and data access management.

  1. It can also improve the performance of heavily used applications by limiting network traffic.

IV. How does the application server differ from other types of servers

  1. The application server is different from the web server. Because the former provides business logic to applications through multiple protocol processing, while the Web server responds and processes HTTP requests. Although Web servers may not support transactions or database connection pools, they may have fault tolerance and scalability features such as load balancing, caching, and clustering.

2.The application server is different from the database server. Because the server performs tasks such as data analysis, storage, data processing, archiving, and other data management-related tasks. Database servers are named using protocols such as ODBC, JDBC, etc.

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