Why is an HTTP proxy needed

There are many places to set up agents when we are doing software testing.

For example: Fiddler packet capture, JMeter recording script and so on.

Even in some companies, access to certain internal web sites requires VPN access.

So what exactly is agency? Why do we use proxies?

What is agency

Proxy, also called network proxy, is a special network service.

It allows clients to connect to the server through this service.

Simply put, the agent can be understood as a network intermediary.

Why use proxies?

Normal condition:

We go to visit a website, should be directly connected to the case, mobile phone/computer to visit the target website – >; The target website is displaying normally,

For example, we use QQ at home, play LOL, PUBG, see fantastic art, browse Taobao, check Baidu and so on. These are all the direct connection modes.

There are also some special situations:

For example, the local area network (LAN) mode is used in the company, which limits the company’s internal direct access to the external network. But what if you need to access the external network in some cases?

We can take a non-direct mode, i.e., mobile phone/computer access to the target site – >proxy server – > the target site is OK.

In this case, when we send the request locally, we do not send the request directly to the server, but first to the proxy server, and then to the server by the proxy server.

So why do you have to be an agent for tool use?

Take Fiddler for example. Fiddler is a tool for grabbing bags. Fiddler is installed on your computer and you send requests through the computer. So how does Fiddler catch the request?

You need to use the proxy concept here. If you set the fiddler as a proxy server, then your request will arrive at the fiddler first and then be forwarded to the server via the fiddler. So Fiddler can grab all kinds of data packages.

So what’s a proxy server good for?

1, safety

If you visit an insecure website, it is possible that personal privacy information will be leaked, resulting in economic loss

You can use a proxy server to forward the request and prevent it from being traced to your local information, creating an alternative firewall.

2, the other is specific network and specific IP access permissions.

We can overcome that limitation with a proxy server. For example: Facebook, YouTube and other foreign websites.

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