Tinyproxy is a lightweight proxy that is relatively simple to configure, with only a few lines of sub-code.

Squid is very powerful and cumbersome to configure and can implement complex proxy G control mechanism

Install squid

Editing Profile

Firewall Open Port

Start-up and Restart

ALC Access Control

Authentication function

Specific Actual Operation

A successful operation on Ubuntu 16.04 is described as follows:

Apt-get update

Apt-get install squid

Vim/etc/squid/squid. Conf

Modify http_ Access deny all is

Http_ Access allow all

Exit VIM edit status


Systemctl restart squid

If not, open the firewall:

Iptables-I INPUT-p TCP-M state–state NEW-m tcp–dport 3128-j ACCEPT

In browser, QQ and other proxy settings, HTTP proxy, port 3128, IP is your PC’s IP

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