How to use a VPN proxy server

VPN proxy server is the transfer station of network information. It is a server between browser and web server. Request signal is sent to proxy server first. The proxy server retrieves the information needed by browser and transmits it to your browser.

If you fall in love with QQ, you can hide your real address by using a proxy server, which is very useful for people who don’t want others to know where they are.

2 or QQ, another function of the proxy server is to prevent attacks, malicious attacks will be borne by the proxy server for you, so why not?

3 as above QQ is same, IE also can get online through proxy server, benefit I did not say.

4 and if you are a movie fan, that here say you have to open your eyes: many online sites, are specified user base, such as tietong broadband only allow tietong users online movies, this brought great inconvenience to other broadband user, then you can find a its agent IP as a proxy server, so that most web sites are not blocking you.

5 in addition, if you like to use BT, and the carrier is blocked BT port, you can also try it, but to clarify that I have not used this method, this is only in other places, please use the brother confirmed

But the proxy server is not a little trouble all have no, in fact, the proxy server is easily out of date, so in general you to query often new proxy server address, and I want to say is, I dare not say, if you use a proxy server on QQ, does not have certain direct even faster, and video sometimes puzzling problem occurs, So never use it and you have to weigh it.

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